Features of EML to PDF Converter

Specification of the tool for quick EML files to PDF Conversion

Supports Emails of multiple Email Clients

It can easily supports Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Vista Mail, eM Client & all other .eml files based application to convert .eml to .pdf.

Attachments Conversion supported

The EML to PDF conversion program doesn't only convert emails into Adobe PDF format but it also provides conversion from EML files to PDF along with Attachments, you just need to select the option to do the same.

Supports All Adobe Version for viewing PDF

There is no matter that what is the version of Adobe PDF Reader using in your machine because It supports all Adobe PDF version like – 9.0, 11.0, etc.

Maintains all Email properties

The tool retains all properties of EML emails like – header information (to, bcc, cc, from, subject, etc), formatting (color layout, font style, text size), Images, Unread Status, etc.

Works on all Windows Machine

The EML files to PDF Converter Software is based on Windows Application so supports all Windows machine – Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP, etc. It can also convert Mac .eml files into PDF in Windows Machine.

Maintain Exact Folder hierarchy

The EML to PDF converter maintains exact folder structure of emails. It save emails in NEW .mbox file format even previous emails will be saved as it was.

File Naming Options

The user has option to select from the given 10 file naming options to easily save files – date+from+subject, date, from+subject+date, subject+date, etc.

Working Steps to Convert EML to PDF

Step 1: Select EML Files

Select .eml files with below two options -

Select email file  (s): This button helps to select .eml files from stored location one by one. To select multiple .eml Files in one time, Press Ctrl+ Click on the File.

Select folder having email file(s): This button helps to select Folder which save all .eml files for conversion.

Step 2: Choose saving path and File naming option

Now choose the location where you want to save files and also select one of given 10 file naming options.

Step 3: Click on Convert Button

Now Click on Convert Button to Start the conversion process.

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ScreenShots of EML files to PDF Converter

Preview of the software to know about How it looks

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The solution is amazing to convert Windows Live Mail into PDF. I used the tool to convert 2500+ .eml files of Windows Live Mail into PDF for my future references and Really it provided complete solution within few minutes. Really it is complete solution


(New York)

Being a non-technical user, I had needed to convert eml files of Outlook Express into PDF and then I used this tool. In fact first time I don't have trust that it can do but after using its emails conversion solution, I got complete conversion solution.



Once I have requirement to convert emails from Windows Live Mail to Adobe PDF then I used this solution and it is true that it provided me cent percent result. Its processing is very simple so anyone can use it. Thanks for this tool.

Macallason Diaz


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